How does the mab app work?

Using the application, you can send data directly to the recipient, or store data in your storage and then share it with recipients. With one of our plans, you can transfer files faster, use your storage to share files, secure your transfers or shared data with a password, or use other functions available to paid users – see our plans here.

Do i need to register, and is the service free?

For basic data sending and receiving, there's no need to register and the service is free. Registration, however, brings additional benefits. Paid profiles get expanded services and offer distinct advantages, such as faster transfers, extended expiration periods, password protection, and more.

How do the transfer speeds differ?

Transfers up to 2 GB are given priority free of charge. For transfers over 2 GB, the user can use only available capacity that is not being used at that moment by subscribers. If a subscriber sends a transfer, we give priority to those transfers without regard to size.

Is sending and downloading data safe?

Security of data transfers is our top priority. Our communication encryption is of the highest standard. For example, the global authority on secure communication testing ( gave us the highest possible rating of A+ (see here)).

How long will my data be stored?

If you're using the free version of the application, your data will be automatically deleted after three days (for transfers over 2 GB, after two days). If you use one of our paid plans, your transfers will automatically have extended expiration periods – 10, 20, or 30 days, depending on the plan. You can even save transfers indefinitely to your storage, where they will be available as long as you want. You can also save data directly to your storage and share it with recipients from there. Data in your storage does not expire. It will remain there as long as your paid profile is active.

How does the directory of incoming and outgoing transfers work?

Transfers are sorted in the directory automatically by the email address to which the profile is registered (or addresses if you have more than one verified email address). If the sender sends just a link, click on it when logged in, and we'll add the link to your directory of incoming transfers.

How can I store data permanently?

If you have a paid profile, you can permanently save data by either directly uploading it to your storage or saving data from incoming/outgoing transfers using the "save to storage" button. By setting the expiration period to "never," you can save all incoming and outgoing transfers. Transfers saved in this manner do not expire. The data will be kept for as long as your paid profile is active.

How does storage work?

You can buy as much storage capacity as you need - see our plans (custom capacity can be arranged by agreement). You can save transfers to your storage or upload data directly to your storage. Data in your storage does not expire - it remains saved as long as you wish. You can then share your data with other users and continue to work with it. Use your storage for teams - you can share it with other users in "read/write" mode so that they can upload, delete, and copy data in your storage. Share one folder with many users, each having their own read/write privileges or even a password.

Is it possible to pause a transfer?

Yes – don’t close the browser window or tab where the transfer is taking place and click on “pause”. When you come back online or move to another location and want to continue the transfer, return to the transfer window, make it active, and the transfer will resume where it left off. Transfers can be paused for up to 3 days.

How can i pay for a plan?

Yearly and monthly plans are payable by credit/debit card. Your subscription will renew automatically until you switch to a free plan.

Can the application be used as a company ftp?

Yes, you can have your own custom domain starting with the PRO plan. You can then share/publish the domain link with the people you expect the data from, who only need to enter their e-mail addresses for better identification of the data's originator and simply upload the data to you. People who upload data to you via the domain will receive all the benefits of your paid plan (premium speed, large data size limit) without even registering with us. The data will still be sent to you quickly, and the expiration of the data sent in this way is controlled by your profile settings (or it will remain active permanently if you set it so). After that, you can save the data to your storage and begin working with it.

The data receiver does not have a paid plan. Can they download fast?

Yes, transfers sent by paid plan users are not speed restricted in any way. If using the Free plan, transfers up to 2 GB are not limited in speed either, however, transfers larger than 2 GB only use the free available speed capacity. By purchasing one of our paid plans, the speed can be maximized even during the download, without interrupting the download process.

I get the message “unable to read file...” – What should i do?

This notification indicates that the application has detected a change in the file's size or location. This happens, for example, when sending data from an external device, a network device, or the like, when the device denies access to files or changes them incrementally. The device where the file is located must be made available again, and the application will continue the transfer. If the data has been modified (resaved, data incrementally written by the system, etc.), the transfer must be repeated and steps taken to ensure that the file size remains the same throughout the transfer, such as by zipping the file before sending.

How does transfer expiration work?

All paid plans have a default expiration of 10 days for direct outgoing transfers (data stored in storage has no expiration). It is possible to set a default expiration date that is either shorter (3 days) or longer (20, 30 days) You can also select the "never" option in the expiration menu, which means that the transfer will be active indefinitely and will not expire. All incoming transfers have a default expiration date in accordance with the sender’s settings. If you want to set your own default expiration for incoming transfers, you can do so in your profile's settings. Then even incoming transfers will be controlled according to you. When set in this way, incoming transfers will consume storage capacity. The transfer (the link through which the receiver reads and downloads data) has an expiration date based on your settings for direct transfers sent from storage, but the data will still also remain stored for future use, even after the link expires.

Zip archives larger than 4 GB can’t be unzipped on mac os. What’s the problem?

For some time now, there has been a problem with systems running older versions of MacOS not being able to open zip files larger than 4 GB using the standard system utility if the data was not zipped using the same utility. If you download a file larger than 4 GB on MacOS, either download the transfer as individual files (if your browser supports this - we recommend Chrome) or download as a zip file but use something other than the system utility to unzip it – we’ve successfully tested iZip Unarchiver and WinZip for Mac. Data over 4 GB in size that is zipped using the standard MacOS system utility will only be able to be unzipped using the same utility. If the recipient uses a different system, we recommend zipping the data (above 4 GB) using something other than the standard MacOS system utility or send the data unzipped.
On systems running newer versions of MacOS, this problem has been largely eliminated. However, problems still occur if you try to unzip an archive which contains at least one file that is larger than 4 GB using the standard MacOS system utility.

Neither the sender nor the recipient has a paid profile. Is it possible to download the package at the preferred speed?

Yes, simply select one of our paid plans and log in after purchase. Even if you make a purchase while the download is in progress, the transfer will automatically begin downloading at full speed.

Are you experiencing issues with data sending via iOS from the "files" app?

There is an iOS bug that appears when you try to send data from the iOS "files" part. The system stops communicating with the browser after a short time, sometimes making it impossible to send data. We believe that this issue will be resolved soon. For now, we recommend saving and sending files, photos and videos from the iOS "Photos" section. The bug does not occur with the "Photos" section, and you can send any large file, even if it takes a long time to send.

How do I cancel my paid plan?

You can cancel your plan anytime. Simply click on the plan preview and switch to the free plan. This will cancel the upcoming payments, but you will be still able to use the benefits of your paid plan until the prepaid period runs out and your paid plan expires. However, it is important to keep in mind that once the prepaid plan expires, the application will automatically start deleting the saved data to make room for new paid users.

Can the expiration date of previously sent/received transfers be changed?

Yes, simply locate the transfer in the incoming/outgoing lists, click the button that displays the expiration date, and select the expiration option that suits you.