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Frequently asked questions

What does the MAB application do?
The application’s basic function is to transfer data from one place to another, quickly and securely. Single files of up to 20 GB can be transferred free of charge. Expanded functions, such as personal data storage, longer transfer expiration periods, faster data transmission, etc., are available upon purchasing one of our plans.
Is it necessary to register, and is the service free?
For basic sending and receiving files, no registration is needed and the service is free. Registration, however, brings additional benefits, and paid profiles get expanded services and distinct advantages.
How do the download speeds differ?
Priority is given to files up to 2 GB for free. For files above 2 GB, only capacity which is not being used by paid users at that moment is used. If a user sends a file as a paid user, they receive prioritized transfer regardless of file size. The higher the plan, the faster the transfer speed.
Is sending and receiving data secure?
Secure data transmission is of utmost importance to us. We use the highest level of data encryption for transfers, and the data stored on our servers is encrypted as well. The global authority for testing communications security awarded us an A+ rating, the highest possible rating (more info here).
How long will data be stored?
If you use the free version of the application, data will be automatically deleted after 3 days; transfers over 2 GB are deleted in 2 days. If you have one of our paid plans, your transfers will automatically have longer expiration periods – 10, 20, or 30 days. You can also save a transfer permanently to your storage area, where it will be available for as long as you want.
How does the directory of incoming and outgoing transfers work?
Transfers are automatically logged into your directory based on the email address that your profile is registered on. If a sender sends you a link, just click on it and it will be logged into your directory of incoming transfers.
How can I permanently save data?
If you use a paid plan, you can save data indefinitely in your storage area up to its capacity. You can save all incoming and outgoing transfers by clicking on “save to storage”, or save data directly to your storage, which automatically stores it permanently.
How does storage work?
You can purchase any amount of storage capacity – see our plans for details (custom sizes on request). You can either save transfers to your storage or upload data directly to your storage. Data saved in your storage does not expire – it is saved for as long as you wish. You can share the data with other users and work with it. Your storage capacity can also be used to for teams – you can share it with other users with a write data option, which will enable the additional users to save, erase, and copy files. For each user, you have the option of allowing them to “read only” or “read/write” files.
Is it possible to pause a transfer?
Yes, as long as you have not closed the browser window and the tab from which the transfer was sent. If you return to online mode or move to another area from which you want to send data, simply make the browser window in which the transfer was taking place active and we will continue with the transfer where you left off. We will hold pending transfers for up to 3 days.
How can I pay for a plan?
Annual and monthly plans can be paid for by credit/debit card. Your subscription automatically renews until you cancel it by going to the “Plans” section and choosing the “free” plan.
What browsers do you recommend for using the application?
If you typically work with files up to 1-2 GB, you can use the latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. If you work with larger files (over 1-2 GB), we recommend that you use the 64-bit version of Chrome. Chrome is recommended for all variants.
What is bandwidth and how is it calculated?
In our application this means the total amount of transferred data, i.e., the total amount sent and received. The typical user will never use up all of this data.

If you receive a notification that you have used up all of your bandwidth, don't worry. Simply use one of our plans and you can continue to use our application as needed.
Can the application be used as a company FTP?
Yes, with our PRO plan, you can have your own MAB domain. Simply share your domain name with your suppliers and the sender simply fills in their email address and uploads the data. Data sent in this way to your domain expires depending on the domain’s owner – the sender does not need to be a paid user and data expires in 10, 20, or 30 days based on your plan. Data can then be saved permanently in your storage.
My recipient isn’t a paid user – can they download at the speed my plan offers?
Yes, recipients can download data based on the sender’s plan, up to 10 downloads per transfer. Once the transfer has been downloaded 10 times, recipients can download at priority speed once they purchase one of our plans.
I get the message “Unable to read file: ....” – what should I do?
This message warns that the application has detected a change in a file’s size or location. This happens, for example, when you send data from an external device or a network device and the device denies access to a file or makes incremental changes to it. You need to reconnect to the device where the file is located and the application will continue with the transfer. If the file is changed (resaved, incremental writes by the system, etc.), the transfer must be restarted. You must ensure that the file is not changed while it is being transferred – we recommend creating a zip file prior to sending.
How does transfer expiration work?
Transfers expire depending on if you are a free or a paid user. If you are a paid user, transfers remain available depending on your plan, or you can save transfers permanently in your storage. The validity of a “progress link” - the link that appears during file transfers and can be sent during the transfer process – is managed by the sender’s plan. If you’d like to share a link to a transfer or share data, and you want the expiration of the link or transfer to be managed by your plan, you must use the link found directly in your directory of incoming/outgoing transfers, and not the progress link. If you are a free user, just use one of our plans, and after payment is made, the expiration date of existing transfers is also extended for files that have not yet been deleted and are located on our servers.
Zipped files larger than 4 GB cannot be unzipped - what’s the problem?
For some time now, we’ve been aware of a problem with the macOS in which the standard system utility for unzipping files will not open a file larger than 4 GB (if it wasn’t zipped using the same utility). If you need to download a transfer larger than 4 GB, you can download the files individually (if your browser supports this – we recommend Chrome), or download the zip file and then use another utility to unzip it – we’ve tested iZip Unarchiver and WinZip for Mac. If the file is zipped prior to sending using the macOS system utility, it can be unzipped only using the same utility. If the recipient has a different operating system, we recommend zipping transfers larger than 4 GB using something other than the macOS system utility.
Neither the sender nor the receiver have paid profiles – is it possible to download the transfer at a priority speed?
Yes, just choose one of our plans and after payment is made, simply log in and you can then download at your preferred speed.