With MyAirBridge.com, you can quickly, reliably, and securely send or share your data around the world. The service is free for individual transfers up to 20 GB in size. Need faster speeds for your transfers, extended expiration periods, password-protected transfers, shared team storage, or to use the application as a company FTP? No problem – choose one of our paid plans here. Have a question? Contact us here - we’re happy to help. We’re here to create bridges between you.

Direct transfers

Configure your data transfers according to your needs. Whether you need to set the expiration to 30 days, ensure the transfer never expires, or need to send sensitive data and be certain that no one else except the recipient can access it, it’s all possible and can be set before you send the transfer.

Feel “at home” in your storage

In addition to sending direct transfers, storage can be used for data sharing and data storage.
We created an environment based on the standard OS interface to make your workflow more efficient. You can drag and drop files around and switch between icon and list view modes

Simply share

Straightforward data sharing with simple settings. You can specify whether the receiver will only be able to read the data or also work with it in the shared folder. Share different folders with your coworkers and collaborate as a team. No more waiting around and refreshing the browser tab, the app will display any modifications automatically right away. On top of that, you will always be notified about changes made in the folder via email.


While clients are downloading your data, showcase your branding with a customized wallpaper in the app's background. You can reduce the size of the app window to make your presentation space stand out. It is also possible to name the wallpaper and set up a link to which the users will be directed when they click on it.


Do you need to effectively receive a large amount of data from multiple senders? If so, you can create your own domain and simply share it with all clients from whom you want to receive data. Clients will receive all the benefits of your paid profile, such as premium upload speed, without even registering with us. All transfers will be clearly displayed in the incoming transfers list. There are no passwords or logins required. All you need to do is to send the link.

Transfer expiration under your control

Do you need more time to download incoming transfers than the expiration time that the sender has provided? Do you want to set the expiration date for all transfers to "never" so that they never expire? If this is the case, everything can be easily managed through the application settings. No more rushing and risking that you or the recipient of your data will be unable to download transfers in time.


Strong communication encryption, top-tier data encryption, and secure two-factor authentication. We treat your data and your privacy as if they were our own. It's more than a catchphrase; it's our vision.

Manage all company accounts in one place

You can manage all company accounts on one screen via the main profile, regardless of the size of your team or company. You can distribute storage capacity among your team members based on the needs of individual users, or you can activate/deactivate their access with a single click.

Do you need something extra?

It is not a problem if you require a profile for a larger team, under one billing, or an extra large storage capacity for your data. You can buy an unlimited amount of storage space and team-member slots to accommodate any team or company size.

Secure End-to-End encryption

MyAirBridge.com allows the use of end-to-end encryption. With this kind of encryption, we secure data transmission against eavesdropping by the administrator of the communication channel and also by the server administrator in charge of the server through which users communicate. Thus, even the server administrator cannot eavesdrop on client communication that the server mediates.

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