Features | MyAirBridge.com


Below, we list the main functions of MyAirBridge.com application with a short description. The application is being developed continuously and is enhanced with new functions which are definitely useful and will make your data sending much more comfortable for work, as well as for private purposes.


In your Storage area, you can easily save data that you’d like to share, gradually add to and update, or that you just wish to back up. Data in your Storage area can be used to further work with data from attachments; you can delete it, add to it, and share it.


Data saved in storage can be shared. Create a folder containing everything you wish to share and simply click on the “share” icon. Send the link to the recipients yourself, or fill in the email address(es) of those with whom the data will be shared.

Context Menu

Work with Storage easily by using the icon in the menu on the right side, or simply right click your mouse to open a menu which also includes advanced features.

Sending data

Via MyAirBridge you can send packages up to 100 GB (20GB for free) with mail notification for the recipient or you can just easily create a data link for further sharing.

Multiple sending

You can send more packages at once and you can keep on using the application during data sending. You just need to minimize the data sending process.

Incoming and outgoing packages

Packages which you send or receive are placed into incoming and outgoing lists. If you are signed in the application, we register all incoming and outgoing share links you click on. Packages with email notification are automatically assigned to the list of incoming/outgoing according to your email.


Security of transfer and stored data is our primary concern. MyAirBridge.com portal has one of the best ratings (A+) for transfer security awarded by a global authority (www.ssllabs.com). Data on the server is encrypted.


You can insert pictures into the application which will be displayed in the background behind the application. This way you can use the space around the application for advertisements for the data receiver or just simply create a nice and good looking background for the application. A picture can be marked with a message and you can even add an active link leading, for instance, to your web.

Logo in mail

In the settings you can even insert your own logo into mail notifications for packages which will be received by your recipients.


You can forward the package directly to other users without the need to download and upload the data again.

Saving the package on storage

You can permanently save any package on storage for further sharing, or preservation. You just need to click the "save to storage" icon at the selected package and the package will remain on the server until you click the "remove from storage" button at the same place. You can choose the storage size, see the plans here.

Packages expiration

Packages are automatically deleted after 3,10, 20, 30 days according to the user's plan. If the package is not supposed to be deleted at all, you just need to save it to your storage using one click.


Contacts can be easily managed in the settings. You can also add a nickname to a contact for better identification, which makes your lists of incoming and outgoing packages more transparent. The nickname can be also used for search for packages.

More verified e-mails

If you also use other e-mails than the registration one, it is sufficient to verify them all and we will show the consignments for all e-mails under one account, so that you have everything neatly put in one place.